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Moon over Mudgee – Always Was, Always Will Be – Wiradjuri The Gallery

‘Here the people spread out across and remain embedded in the soil. It always was and always will be Wiradjiru because country holds us and we hold it’

Tags: The Gallery, Always was, always will be, Glenn Loughrey, NAIDOC Week, Wiradjuri

Faith Bandler’s‘Faith, Hope and Reconciliation’ The Opinions

‘That is the task. If not now, when? If not us, who?’

Tags: The Opinions, Civil rights, Faith Bandler, NAIDOC Week, Reconciliation

Be still and talk with trees The Forum

“The idea of quietly staring at a rock, piles of sand, or blinking stars for hours, if not weeks, seems, weirdly, profoundly countercultural today, in a world where people tweet bubbles, livestream the arching of eyebrows and spend holidays distracted by how best to market themselves on Instagram…”

Tags: The Forum, Gemma Lucy Smart, Julia Baird, Paganism, Phosphorescence, Trees

Deceived by her eyes The Gallery

Deceived by her eyes by Thilini Niruja Nuske is the winner of the WMQ Award at the 2020 Art from the Margins Queensland Outsider Art Awards.

Tags: The Gallery, Identity, Thilini Niruja Nuske, Wesley Arts, Winner

Story The Forum

Julia Baird’s Phosphorescence is full of personal stories of encounters with beauty that illuminate hope in situations of darkness.

Tags: The Forum, Julia Baird, Phosphorescence, Poetry, Stevie Wills, Story

No-Bodies: on the imageless image of God. The Gallery

Despite the so-called secular turn, religion continues to be a powerful and symbolic institution in the construction of sociality within communities.

Tags: The Gallery, Apophatic bodies, Image of God, Janice McRandal

The beauty that binds us The Forum

‘I experience beauty as that which connects rather than removes…There is no transcendence here. It is embodiment and connection. It is enfolding, grounding, reminding, startling, unsettling, shaking and restoring.’

Tags: The Forum, Beauty, Connection, Julia Baird, Lorna Hallahan, Phosphorescence

Blue Spring Skies: Yoko Ono’s Five Dots (2014) and other prompts for seeing beyond the image The Gallery

When my eyes can’t see past the given image, blue, spring skies really do bring relief, but, more than that, they remind me that new possibilities and ways of seeing exist.

Tags: The Gallery, Rebekah Pryor, Seeing

Is it Gender Equal? postgraduate study and career development for nurses The Opinions

‘It seems that our female nurses are almost forced to make a choice between their career and their family and I cannot help but wonder how many male nurses are required to make such a choice’

Tags: The Opinions, Equality, Nursing, Taneal Wiseman

Lament for Depression The Gallery

‘I am tossed around, around and around…’

Tags: The Gallery, Depression, Lament, Steven Smith

Hoping for Common Ground with Technocrats The Opinions

factory workers are treated like machines. They are counted, rather than named. They are trained with documents that read like software programs, under the assumption that sufficient training will create high quality, repeatable products. This is worse than commodification, it is technification…

Tags: The Opinions, Andrew Smith, Machines, Technocrats

Contemplating Phosphorescence The Forum

Can we see the beauty, the desirability, of atypical, even disabled bodies?…To recognise and accept our own beauty requires us to break away from the shackles of our social conditioning.

Tags: The Forum, Disability, Julia Baird, Phosphorescence, Shane Clifton