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Looking for the story beyond the stories The Forum

‘It reminds us that a violent state that has weaponised the physical and mental disintegration of ‘outsiders’ can also turn that violence within… We can glimpse the uncomfortable truth that citizenship – as the institution through which to be recognised as a political subject – is exclusive, elusive, and fragile…’

Tags: The Forum, Citizenship, Samid Suliman, Stateless

At your Service, and other exercises of power. The Opinions

‘When you control the narrative, the context, the output, and what you are prepared to provide and not provide it has left the realm of service. You have a product…’

Tags: The Opinions, Allyson Essex, Service providers

Lost Time: Dementia, Theology and the Arts The Gallery

‘In the hypercognitive western society, where intellect and reason are prized over love and relational connections, the fear of loss of cognition drives our response to dementia…’

Tags: The Gallery, Alexandra Banks, Dementia

Australia’s Opioid Crisis The Opinions

Between 1992 and 2012 there was a 15-fold increase in opioid dispensing in Australia

Tags: The Opinions, Ian Airey, Opioid crisis, Pain

Stateless: Shift Your Focus The Forum

‘The story that we may not know, watching from the safety of our couches, is that of Ameer (Bazzi). A father who will stop at nothing to see his family in the imagined safety of Australian borders, only to have his family, hopes and sanity ripped apart…And this is where the drama lies. It lies in the truth…’

Tags: The Forum, Penny Jelly, Stateless, Storytelling, Television

Hosting Shadows The Gallery

“She does not represent her lover; she presents her lover at the threshold of appearing and fading away. Painting lets her see—and show—this sacred threshold that opens all presence.”

Tags: The Gallery, Desire, Peter Kline, Pliny, Representation

Stateless Reminders The Forum

‘Stateless reminds me that it is my government that deliberately makes the lives of asylum seekers more difficult than is needed. It reminds me that people who have sought asylum on our shores continue to be locked up in indefinite detention…’

Tags: The Forum, Bronwyn Williams, Detention centre, Immigration, Stateless

Three years since ‘Yes’. The Opinions

‘The mental health toll of the marriage equality survey is still being researched. I watched my clients’ depression and anxiety skyrocket through sky-written messages of “Vote No”…’

Tags: The Opinions, Equality, LGBTIQAP+, Nicholas Baker

Improvising faith in isolation – both together and alone The Gallery

Our commitment to cooperate with community in 2020 has been marked by the call to stay at home and live in isolation.

Tags: The Gallery, Art, Isolation, Libby Byrne

Kurrajong Dreaming The Gallery

When reading this painting you will discover key ideas to understanding Aboriginality or the Aboriginal way of seeing, what you may call spirituality. It is a vertical slice through the universe or country – sky, water and the earth above and below the surface.

Tags: The Gallery, Art, Glenn Loughrey, Kurrajong Dreaming

Inspired by True Events The Forum

All of which speaks to a deeper and more prevailing problem of western storytelling. What’s missing in Stateless, and what’s missing in so much of our discourse around immigration, is a discussion of those true events inspiring our current global crisis…

Tags: The Forum, First peoples, Immigration, Janice McRandal, Stateless

Priceless: the non-monetarisable goods of tertiary education. The Opinions

Conversations that ask difficult questions about the good in terms of ethics and morality, personal and social wellbeing require reflective consideration over time.

Tags: The Opinions, Anita Monro, Ecenomics, University