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Uncommon Goods:
Public Theology and Empire

16-18 September 2022
Wesley House, 140 Ann Street, Meanjin Brisbane, Australia
Online tickets also available

The cooperative is hosting its first annual conference, gathering together scholars and the theologically curious to question and explore the place of public theology on colonised lands.  The conference will frame these focus areas broadly and creatively, welcoming approaches that disturb boundaries and think with and beyond the public of public theology.

Keynote speakers

Dr Anne Pattel-Gray

Monica Jyotsona Melanchton

Jione Havea

Walking Country Artwork
Thank you to Glenn Loughrey for his stunning original artwork “Walking Country” which features in our "Uncommon Goods" conference branding.

Glenn is an Anglican Priest in the Diocese of Melbourne and Vicar at St Oswald’s, Glen Iris. Glen identifies as a First Nations Person and is proud to be Wiradjuri. He is an artist, writer and speaker whose style it’s at the intersection of the two worlds in which he lives, the First Nation Heritage of his father and the Englishness of his mother. His art and writing recognises both the originality and the similarity of his two worlds and is an authentic attempt to keep them in conversation. You can see more of Glenn's work here.

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