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Creative and lively research leads us to unexpected outcomes and unlikely partnerships. That’s what we are going for! As we build our research centre, we are looking for projects that break down disciplinary walls and remain focused on the work of justice and liberation in, on, and throughout this land. Keep a look out for some forthcoming exciting announcements across our research streams.

The cooperative biennial theology series is a focused research project on the role of a very broadly conceived public theology. The project includes an annual conference for theology, worldwide networked events, and a resulting edited volume that contributes to the field of public theology.  The 2022-2024 series is titled: Uncommon Goods: Crisis and Public Theology.
The cooperative and Janice McRandal are thrilled to be a part of the 2021-2023 grant winning research project Figuring the Enemy: Socio-Cognitive and Political Theological Approaches to the Question of Enmity. Figuring the Enemy investigates the structures that produce and disguise forms of enmity. In using methodologies from political theology the project will explore the genealogical roots of contemporary forms of enmity, and in using socio-cognitive approaches to theology and religion the project will examine the psychological dynamics of enmity. Integrating these two methodological approaches through collaboration hosted by the University of Divinity and the University of St Andrews, the project will produce innovative approaches to both disciplines, as well as impactful research exploring the roots of contemporary forms of enmity. At the end of 2023, Lead Investigators, Janice McRandal and Scott Kirkland were awarded a second extraordinary large grant for a follow up 2024 research project titled, 'Figuring the Maternal in Political Theology'.  
The Australian Collaborators in Feminist Theology are a leading voice for feminist theological scholarship and a hospitable hub for engagement with feminist approaches within Australia and the region. As a part of our collaborative relationship with the ACFT, we currently participate in the ACFT convening group, publish in ACFT projects and have begun co-hosting research events.