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Lament for Depression

The Gallery

‘I am tossed around, around and around…’

Sep 9, 2020

Tags: The Gallery, Depression, Lament, Steven Smith

Lost Time: Dementia, Theology and the Arts

The Gallery

‘In the hypercognitive western society, where intellect and reason are prized over love and relational connections, the fear of loss of cognition drives our response to dementia…’

Sep 1, 2020

Tags: The Gallery, Alexandra Banks, Dementia

Hosting Shadows

The Gallery

“She does not represent her lover; she presents her lover at the threshold of appearing and fading away. Painting lets her see—and show—this sacred threshold that opens all presence.”

Aug 25, 2020

Tags: The Gallery, Desire, Peter Kline, Pliny, Representation

Improvising faith in isolation – both together and alone

The Gallery

Our commitment to cooperate with community in 2020 has been marked by the call to stay at home and live in isolation.

Aug 18, 2020

Tags: The Gallery, Art, Isolation, Libby Byrne

Kurrajong Dreaming

The Gallery

When reading this painting you will discover key ideas to understanding Aboriginality or the Aboriginal way of seeing, what you may call spirituality. It is a vertical slice through the universe or country – sky, water and the earth above and below the surface.

Aug 11, 2020

Tags: The Gallery, Art, Glenn Loughrey, Kurrajong Dreaming

What is the Gallery?

The Gallery

“Interpretation is the revenge of the intellectual upon art” Susan Sontag

Jul 6, 2020

Tags: The Gallery, About, Introduction