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Remember Lot’s Wife

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Having lived a life of intimate involvement and vital necessity – a life of women’s work – she stands as a monument which cries out in distress to heaven.

Sep 23, 2021

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Faith Bandler’s‘Faith, Hope and Reconciliation’

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‘That is the task. If not now, when? If not us, who?’

Nov 10, 2020

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Is it Gender Equal? postgraduate study and career development for nurses

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‘It seems that our female nurses are almost forced to make a choice between their career and their family and I cannot help but wonder how many male nurses are required to make such a choice’

Sep 15, 2020

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Hoping for Common Ground with Technocrats

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factory workers are treated like machines. They are counted, rather than named. They are trained with documents that read like software programs, under the assumption that sufficient training will create high quality, repeatable products. This is worse than commodification, it is technification…

Sep 8, 2020

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At your Service, and other exercises of power.

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‘When you control the narrative, the context, the output, and what you are prepared to provide and not provide it has left the realm of service. You have a product…’

Sep 1, 2020

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Australia’s Opioid Crisis

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Between 1992 and 2012 there was a 15-fold increase in opioid dispensing in Australia

Aug 28, 2020

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Three years since ‘Yes’.

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‘The mental health toll of the marriage equality survey is still being researched. I watched my clients’ depression and anxiety skyrocket through sky-written messages of “Vote No”…’

Aug 18, 2020

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Priceless: the non-monetarisable goods of tertiary education.

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Conversations that ask difficult questions about the good in terms of ethics and morality, personal and social wellbeing require reflective consideration over time.

Aug 10, 2020

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Whose Opinion Piece?

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“There are no dangerous thoughts; thinking it-self is dangerous.” Hannah Arendt

Jul 6, 2020

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