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Whose Opinion Piece?

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“There are no dangerous thoughts; thinking it-self is dangerous.”
Hannah Arendt

Each week, a guest contributor will publish an opinion piece on The Cooperative website. Welcoming voices from all professions, faith groups, and community sectors and drawn from a broad group of life experiences, the opinions sections will be generously framed around the topic of the common good and life in Australia.

Opinion pieces may be offered in relation to current events or longstanding issues that deserve attention. If you’d like to submit an option piece, follow the below instructions.

1. Write on topic that relates to your expert knowledge.  It’s best to write from what you know, whether this is knowledge gained through lived experience or professional / academic work. Opinion pieces will usually be 300 -750 words and must be provided as MS Word documents.

2. Provide any links and images.  If you are linking to other articles or data, please provide hyperlinks within document. All images must be sourced with permissions in accordance to copyright and be provided as jpeg format with a pixel size of around 2000px.

3. Submit all pieces, along with a one to two sentence bio of yourself to [email protected]