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Creative and lively research leads us to unexpected outcomes and unlikely partnerships. That’s what we are going for! As we build our research centre, we are looking for projects that break down disciplinary walls and remain focused on the work of justice and liberation in, on, and throughout this land. Keep a look out for some forthcoming exciting announcements across our research streams.

Biennial Theology Series

The Cooperative biennial theology series is a focused research project on the role of a very broadly conceived public theology. The project includes an annual conference for theology, worldwide networked events, and a resulting edited volume that contributes to the field of public theology.  The 2020-2021 series will be is titled: Uncommon Goods: crisis and public theology

Inaugural Lecture

On September 16th, the Director of The Cooperative, Janice McRandal, will deliver the Inaugural Lecture: After the City: public theology and the making of social worlds

Exploring the tradition of public theology and beginning a conversation around how The Cooperative continues and breaks with this tradition, the lecture will be aired on our YouTube channel on September 24th. For those in Brisbane, you can register your interest in event attendance for September 16th here.

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