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uncommon goods: public theology and empire


September 24-26, 2021
Wesley House, 140 Ann Street, Brisbane, Australia

key note speakers

Anne Pattel-Gray

Monica Jyotsona Melanchton

Jione Havea
Jione Havea

The cooperative is hosting its first annual conference, gathering together scholars and the theologically curious to question and explore the place of public theology on colonised lands.  The conference will frame these focus areas broadly and creatively, welcoming approaches that disturb boundaries and think with and beyond the public of public theology.

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call for papers

We invite paper proposals that address the theme ‘Public Theology and Empire’ across a range of thought including traditional Christian and religious disciplines, and broader academic approaches such as critical theories, sociology, and political philosophy. Along with the main paper sessions, two specific sessions will run concurrently on political theology and public theology and art. Abstract proposals of 250 words addressing such themes should be sent to thecooperative@wmq.org.au

Abstract submission deadline: June 1, 2021

Acceptance announcement: July 1, 2021