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The Cooperative is a project in public collaboration in the spirit of public philosophy and theology. We exist to make space for dialogue from all and any members of the public and for sake of the public good. By bringing unexpected conversation partners together, we’re aiming for genuine collaboration and real social outcomes. We do this by thinking beyond our usual patterns of work, life, and professional specialties – across faiths, across community groups and services, and across professional and academic disciplines.

We want to join you in joining others; coming together to think in new, creative ways about our cities and communities, and seeking to make our worlds more just and liberating for all.


Dr Janice McRandal

Dr Janice McRandal
Janice McRandal is a feminist theologian who works with critical theory to explore themes of systematic theology alongside politics and popular culture. Her publications include Christian Doctrine and the Grammar of Difference and Sarah Coakley and the Future of Systematic Theology.

Dr Susan Pietsch

Dr Susan Pietsch
Digital Content Manager
Susan Pietsch manages the digital content for The Cooperative program across a number of platforms. She has a background in architecture, art theology and digital media.


  1. Good faith – we create spaces for collaboration for those who come in good faith, those seeking to learn from others and work together in partnership toward the betterment of our communities. 
  2. Listening hard – as we collaborate, we are always mindful that there are those easy to hear, and many more whose voices are stifled or ignored. We commit to and value the practice of listening hard, ensuring that in every conversation staged, we’ve asked together ‘who are those hard to hear in this space, and how can we centre those voices?’
  3. Difference – too many of our public conversations have been centred around homogenous voices. Indeed, the historic idea of a public is based on the inclusion of a small group of men. The Cooperative will only ever stage conversations that are broad and inclusive, forging a space that radically reframes the public. 
  4. Accessibility – The Cooperative values all efforts toward accessibility. Our commitment to accessibility applies to all our physical and digital locations.
  5. Partnership, not replication – as a project of collaboration, The Cooperative values partnership wherever possible, and commits to resist replicating services and programs that exist elsewhere in our communities.  

Partners and Collaborators

The Cooperative is an initiative of Wesley Mission Queensland , a not-for-profit community service provider.

We are also delighted to collaborate with the Australian Collaborators in Feminist Theologies, promoting the work of the ACFT and co-hosting events that engage the intersections of feminist and public theologies.

Ultimately we seek to forge many creative partnerships, and we look forward to some exciting announcements to come.

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