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Julia Baird’s Phosphorescence is full of personal stories of encounters with beauty that illuminate hope in situations of darkness. She emphasises the stillness of nature as the place to experience awe and wonder. In this video, Stevie Wills...

The beauty that binds us

'I experience beauty as that which connects rather than removes…There is no transcendence here. It is embodiment and connection. It is enfolding, grounding, reminding, startling, unsettling, shaking and restoring.'

Stateless: Shift Your Focus

‘The story that we may not know, watching from the safety of our couches, is that of Ameer (Bazzi). A father who will stop at nothing to see his family in the imagined safety of Australian borders, only to have his family, hopes and sanity ripped...

Stateless Reminders

'Stateless reminds me that it is my government that deliberately makes the lives of asylum seekers more difficult than is needed. It reminds me that people who have sought asylum on our shores continue to be locked up in indefinite detention...'

Inspired by True Events

All of which speaks to a deeper and more prevailing problem of western storytelling. What’s missing in Stateless, and what’s missing in so much of our discourse around immigration, is a discussion of those true events inspiring our current global...

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